The Lightbulb Conspiracy

we were astronauts and
archaeologists and mechanics;
overseas teachers
getting drunk off communion wine
in a theocratic country with no believers.
I was the blowhole in a whale and
the trash heap at sea
I was a groundbreaking invention
hidden under planned obsolescence
you were the vitamin C I took daily and the cold I caught anyway
you were a ferris wheel showing a child the world at the top
we were
forks coming off of screaming rivers and
diving into sidewalks holding handprints that weren’t ours
throwing rotten eggs into ditches because what else would we do with them and
what else was there to do?
I filled a cracked bucket with jell-o and left it on your porch because
I knew you’d know what I meant
you painted a face around the hole I punched through the wall because
you knew I’d send a picture to my mom
we recited mournful monologues on the bruises in our bananas
we played pianos with our toes
we pinched the sun between our fingers
we were lost. we weren’t alone.


Alexis Diano Sikorski is a polyamorous half-Filipino currently studying English and Psychology at Texas Woman’s University. Her work has appeared in Pour Vida Zine and her university’s journals Off the Quill and The Daedalian, with pieces forthcoming in Sea Foam Magazine. She likes dogs, looking out of windows on airplanes, and caffeine. She is the goddess of whistling. She was probably a sailor in a past life.